Some Words about us and the Philosphy Of PayBack Club

  • Some Words About us and the philosphy of payback Club
  • N2Y Club-now2you is one of China ' s fast growing b2c/b2b Commerce export sites and payback Club with over $number items across more than 50 Categories. Buy from n2y club-now2you and your can expect to pay up to 50% less than the price at your nearby retail shop and the orders would be shipped to your door for free. It is a proven "halfprice" discount philosophy. And if you have any questions, we promise we have your answer. As member you have also access to a "Search supplier database" of 180,000 items of n2y Club suppliers. We'll arrange shipment and negotiate with the supplier if and when required.


Cooperate with

  • Pylon International Trade Co Ltd.
  • Full Details of the from:
  • Office 330-331 Zhongshan commercial Building, Ningbo, Haishu Zhejiang, China
  • Registration number:330200400072509 (wholly owned Foreign Enterprise)
  • German Company Ownership
  • Phone number:0086-574-87281106
  • Contact e-mail:sales(@)
  1. Low price
  •  If you did find a product for less on a competing website then tell us in the n2y club-now2you message email and we would test a way to resolve and to match it if possible.
  1. Wide Product Range
  • N2Y Club-now2you has more than 20,000 products across almost categories-cell phones and replica to sun glasses and plush to YS, fashion pet items Peak-to-trough. N2Y Club-now2you is always developing and adding products to its site to meet your demands.
  1. Free Shipping
  • All orders at N2Y Club-now2you is shipped by Airmail for free if this service can be provided to your location and country. Items which have been directly selected from the suppliers database and is stored in the "Wishlist category", might need to be re-priced for shipping costs. However, whenever possible we'll try to provide free shipment also for those items, depending on category, size and type of item. 
  • N2Y Club-now2you is always optimizing the "shipping process to decrease" time needed for customers to receive their orders. 
  • Alternatively we can offer FEDEX Express service for a range of products which is optimized for it by us. 
  • Keep in mind-ordered in 1 checkout process might arrive into separate shipments and might be sent from different Shipping locations. It is depending on our extended network and different locations for storage of goods. 
  • Please don't think that we did forget your items to be dispatched. In any case of doubt, please contact us for checking the tracking of your shipments. As a positive side effect it might even ease your import process with the customs as the individual shipment value of the items smaller and might have clearing preference based on.

4.Assured Quality

  • N2Y Club-now2you is dedicated to provide quality products to customers. The products must go through three standard quality checking processes at our dedicated warehouses, before they can be shipped. There is also a three month warranty on most of the items on n2y club-now2you please ask for details if you are not clear about it. Customer Service

  • At n2y Club-now2you there are a highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through email, message chat, the official n2y club-now2you blog or on n2y club-now2you ' s official Facebook Page or Twitter account. It doesn't ' t matter which way you get in contacts with n2y club-now2you, and you'll get a response.

6.Business Expansion Services

  • YOU are selling products on EBay or Amazon and don ' t have that space for keeping stock? N2Y Club-now2you can be your trusted product sourcing and drop-shipping service provider. Contact us for n2y club-now2you' s drop ship services for free . All your placed orders are shipped directly to your customers  with No Advertising material logo, or price information included. And the n2y club-now2you products you sell over time the better your shop reputation would be.
  • Sign up, make an order or not and discover why n2y Club-now2you is sharing the profit with you, on sales made by members referred trough you by Code sharing. 
  • You can join the club without having to do any purchase from your end and you can purchase without joining the club payback system. The choice is yours at all times.
  • Based on the wide product range and the "low pricing", the n2y Club is also a, the source of supply for small retailers and cafe shops, charity organizations, retired people looking for a second income or anyone who likes to earn money. That's special with n2y Club because there "NO minimum order quantities " required and wholesales orders can be handled as well as professionally export shipments too. 
  • N2Y Club philosophy is to offer the products in any quantity at half price or less, compared to local retailers, creating an equal Opportunity Business for people in need, start-ups and Small Medium Enterprises in almost all countries around the globe.
  • Growing by sharing with no cost or financial commitments.

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