Profit Sharing Flowers

When I came to office today in the morning I saw this flower field in the entrance of the office building. Spontaneously I got the idea to explain how the N2Y Club is sharing its profit with you as member and all members.

See the example here

Obviously  there are red and white flowers, The white ones are the active members which have joined to benefit from the Club's profit sharing membership.The red flowers are all prospects for joining the N2YClub sooner or later.

I could be you at the bottom line of the picture and you have 10 members which are sharing your membership code* . This is the line showing 1-10. I did put it in Mixed order, because it doesn't matter in which sequence they got active and shared their code with new members.

Important fact is that all WHITE numbers are sharing the profit of the club with you.

YOU NEVER need to make any purchase to build this profit sharing social network for you. N2Y Club is even recommending that you encourage you members to make the purchase they membership account. That way you are getting your oeverright commission and have shared profit on your (done by friend) purchase.

Even better, that way he will also see the benefit right away and encourage to do the same in his up line. Seeing is better than believing. If he is seeing that you make money on his purchase, even done on your behalf, he will understand the opportunity easily.

Don't think that the club is crazy by giving away his profits. We are NOT a non-profit, but we are NOT doing discount sales like most other shops. No Black Friday, no Summer Specials etc...

We try to always offer you products with free shipping to most locations. Only in very rare cases we will charge a small postal fee surcharge if you are living on a remote island, in deep Siberia or on the space station.

Our prices are all year  discounts. However if a supplier factory is dropping the price we will forward this discount to you too. For the members in Germany, please understand the Club's concept similar to ALDI, Plus, NETTO, Lidl. Fixed discount prices with special member promotional benefits announced from time to time.

N2Y Club is sharing the profit with you from the first new member's profit you have introduced to the N2Y Club by using your membership code*. No need to generate complicated links for products or having your own website etc.. Just let him signup by scanning your QR code, or clicking to your individual member's link in any social media or in your email.

And the LIMIT IS THE SKY. Showing 10 members here is only an example. there is no limit and you can share with you 1000 Facebook friend, twitter followers, football club, tennis partners, co-workers... anyone any number.

I Goal is to generate best profit for you by offering in N2Y Club products at HALF PRICE RATE of our local resellers around the corner. In almost any country in the world.

Please feel free to share this message too and grow your profit share right away.

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