Meet me At the N2Y Club

See some video information what the club is all about and meet me more personally ...

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hello welcome to our club N2Y Club

here today I'm Eckhard I am your sponsor

How to join the club is very easy you go

to N2Y.Club  and you signing

up and you get your individual code or

you go to which is the same

so both will work with this code now you

can start making friends with other

people sharing the code and everyone on

the line will be there to bring money to

your account

you don't have to buy,  because this is a

question coming of," what do i have to buy

to make money "no you don't have to buy

only you have to share and with every

new member coming in your line you will

have  more opportunity to make money

now how does your crew crow if you get

this code to 10 people in this ten

people already have another ten friends

you already  have 100 people with in your

friendship now imagine that this 10 this

100 have another 10 friends you have

already 1000 opportunities to make money

why you are assured that you will make money

because the pricing and the service on

our website so excellent people will

just buy yes it's proved you will see

the free of charge shipping to most of

the countries of the world for most of

the items and we give you really fair

service now that's another story we

don't talk about buying today and you

find this on our

buying website the key point now today

you take the code signing up you get

your own code from this code you give

this to other people who share you don't

even have to meet these people

you know you don't need to know them you

see them one time you meet them in

the coffee in the club at a party at

work whenever wherever maybe you'll

never meet them again and if you are old

or young if you're handicapped if you

are any race any nationality it doesn't

matter to us we give the same

opportunity to everybody that's the key

point and we are happy when you share it

and I most happy, because one thing is

clear i only make money if you make

money and you will make money with your

money and you will make money with your

friends make money and that's how it

works so fair so easy and that's why N2Y is growing fast and we

share opportunities and bring

opportunities to you thanks for joining

you will see some more videos coming to

explain more how it goes but now don't

miss to go and sign up on N2Y.Club

and you will be in with the opportunities

thank you I'm got here from N2Y our

warehouse for the fashion and I love to

be with you on your team

thank you very much for your time

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