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N2Y Buyer Club Gated Community

Let's compare N2Y Club to a Gated Community

for the better understanding a comparison with the housing type of it.

that's similar to how we work here at the N2Y Club

What Is the Meaning of a Gated Community?

When choosing a home, it's very important to consider the surrounding neighborhood as well as the home itself. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics including degree of safety, crime and physical appearance. While some neighborhoods can cause a home's value to fall, others, such as gated communities, help homes resist market trends and retain value over time.

N2Y Club: Is creating a community of shopper / buyers that are connected to each other within the club and therefore protected from spam and scams. To be part of the club you have to join.


The term gated community simply refers to any type of neighborhood that has controlled access using one or more gate that residents or visitors must pass through. Some have a guard booth with a security staff to ensure that only residents pass the gate, while others use an automatic gate that residents must open with a key card or remote control. Most gated communities have a name and a clear geographic definition as marked by the barriers and gates that control access to the area. Gated communities may exist in any location including cities, towns and rural areas. They also range in size from a few homes to several dozen.

N2Y Club: To be part of the club you have to join. Your registration is your "key"


One of the primary purposes of a gated community is to offer its residents safety that they wouldn't experience in nearby nongated communities. One way a gated community increases safety is by eliminating through traffic. Without drivers passing through the gated community, traffic is restricted to residents and their guests. This makes it safer for children and newcomers  to walk or play near streets, and also reduces traffic accidents. Gated communities with security staff also restrict access to pedestrians, which may be able to reduce the chance of vandalism, theft and other crimes.

N2Y Club: We make shopping more convenient for you by communication and controlling the suppliers. We check the product and take action before it get's to you.


Besides safety, gated communities offer other advantages to residents. Only the residents have access to public areas, which may include parks and sports facilities like tennis courts and a community pool. Gated communities in cities may encourage residents who would otherwise live in the suburbs to become urban dwellers, which can help with urban redevelopment. Many gated communities consist of luxury homes and high-income residents, which can make living in a gated community serve as a status symbol.

N2Y Club: Will give you access to prices that usually you only get as a wholesale. We give this advantage already from 1 pc purchase.

Economic Impact

Gated communities can impact the local economy in several ways. The homes inside gated communities tend to retain their value better. However, gated communities can also encourage economic inequality by creating a physical barrier between high- and low-income neighborhoods. The presence of a nearby gated community can actually cause home values outside the community to suffer by comparison.

N2Y Club: We make no difference of the size of your purchase. However we will give you all the tools to grow your income and even might make a residual income from the club


Not all gated communities offer the level of safety residents may expect. Unauthorized access is available to anyone who disables a gate or poses as a visitor. They can even become targets of criminals who expect the homes inside to include more valuable possessions. A gated community can also promote a general feeling of social paranoia, implying that other parts of the area are unsafe and the gated community is necessary to protect residents. 

N2Y Club: We take all possible precautions to provide a safe shopping environment. You are part of the vigilance group too by communicating with us if and when you see something is out of the regular. Any member violating the club regulations will be expelled.

Sincerely Yours 

Evelyn Groemminger

Eckhard Goessl

Membership Information Service

Membership Information Service

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