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hello great to see you here again today I'm in my


you see little bit different on the background

this is my picture I once brought from

Vietnam from a business trip but

i tell you another time more about that

today I want to tell you a little bit

why are you doing this why do i

promoted this N2Y club which will

give you the opportunity and I

tell you a little bit more about my life even when

i started business many years ago I came

from a very traditional way of business

i was in the retail ,I was in charge

for the purchasing for a very big

department stores in Germany and

after the company got in trouble I

had to look for the opportunity to to my

life and one of the ways brought me one

of these opportunities was to go to

Nigeria so I was working for more than a

year in Nigeria in Lagos City and that's why

I understood how different opportunities are

in the rest of the world you know Germany

is a very secure a very nice country

where everything is organized, where everything

is  almost always perfect but you know

when you do one thing you will get the


other thing now i have seen in the rest

of the world now especially in Nigeria

life is much different. From Nigeria I

went to Middle East Region and I was based for

quite a long time on Cyprus living

there working there again in the

offshore banking business , offshore banking and

trading and I understood how important it is

to the right financing for business from

there I got the opportunity to go to

work for and a direct marketing company

for 10 years , yes for 10 years I was in

direct marketing business for one

very very big, actually one of the biggest

American and this one is a very special

way this one is not asking for you to

buy products to get promotion and all this

it is nothing like this. That direct marketing

company is giving the people merchandise

free of charge and here we come again

equal opportunity and you see how it's

going with us we giving free of charge

merchandise to you will give you the whole

platform of our sales website and you have

to do nothing

you don't even have to buy from us, the

same thing was with this marketing company

and we have offices for example in India when

I came there we started 5 years later there

were more than 164 independent

companies created on this what  we were

offering to them. i have brought you  some pictures

today and I try to show it to you here on

the camera for example this was one of

the offices we were  a rally in Mumbai

and there were about 400- 500 people

finally for all the offices of the

country coming together

this is me with my team in Aurangabad, Aurangabad

in not far away from Mumbai in Maharashtra

and you

see all these people had the same

opportunity we gave them, i gave them merchandise free of

charge we could do sales they could

doing business with other companies

whatever they were making on profits, they

got it right away and the same way we

working on iN2Y,  this was later

when I was setting up a network of the

we called it Quick Pic,  so this was a shop in


where for example restaurant in

the hospitals, in railway station where

people could buy small things they need for

traveling for the daily life for which

was just missing for them in, you know

they just did it, and also this was the same


thing we have a team of sales people

supplying products to this QuickPic

station and although they never had to invest

anything and they got basically paid they commissions right away

whenever they did it.

This is how

i had My Team training and you see on the

background some very simple ways how to be

successful which I would tell you later in

another video and this one, is special

one you will see me and this was my promoter

this days and this is my partner Evelyn this also these days in N2Y.Club

and this is our promoter from

Canada which was in charge for India. Why

do I tell you this, actually just

that you can see that I'm just a normal

person I'm not special at just doing

something which i convinced that it will help a

lot of people and its the Equal

Opportunity as i say,  we giving the

merchandise you don't have to sell

anything please

the only thing you have to do let people

know that we exist that's what we pay

you for. People knowing that they can buy

for us is one thing, people know that can

promote other people to join our N2YClub

that's the thing you get paid


for and that's what really count. Now you

understand a little bit more why I had

this idea why is the promoter for you in

this club I'm the one which will make

you being successful at making sure that

 you get your payback for all the people

after your lines which are buying again

you don't have to buy anything even if you

buy you don't get any special discount.

if you ask your friend to buy for you that’s

the different story and it's ok we will

not to complain for that then you're

getting the override , the payback on this

purchase your friends was doing and remember

you have ten friends for example  you can have more you can have less,

but 10 is a good

number to calculate with and these

friends each each has another ten friends,  already

got 100 people  which you get paid from

any purchase is that

in that group and even if that ten from

you with their ten have another 10 each, you a look

at 1,000 people and just think about how

logical, by the law of average

you know it is, that from 1,000 people there

will be purchases and it will happen! and you

will be paid for that for providing

people for getting people to know that


N2YClub is existing and that's how it goes. I

wish you good luck

just do what you have to do let it know

she has your code if you have questions

go to the Blog and see how to do the

code and just share it  and the money will come

to you even you don't think about it

anymore maybe in  one month two

months three months 5 month suddenly you

have  a nice amount of money coming in it. It will

come all the times as long as anybody

your network is doing any purchases you

will have the benefit , That's it for  today and

that's what i want to tell you so go

head just be a normal person, If I can do it

you can do it

good luck and be around .

Thank you


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