Individual Code

After joining it is important that you start to share your INDIVIDUAL code with friends and the rest of the world. Here we show to you where you can find it

You need to login toyour account first

Look at the bottom of YOUR Account Page INDIVIDUALCODE   and you will find the "link" logo. Click on it and the individual link will be visible. (red color)

Copy it and transfer it to the QR code or use it as it is in emails, footers etc. This is your link and works for ALL products on the N2YClub site. No need to make product related links etc. Our network is connecting people and products. You can also upload the QR to your LinkedIn and Facebook Page/Profile. An excellent location to share too.

You can create QR Codes in a simple way for free on in B/W  or in a colour version on .

Here also in case you did miss the newsletter.

Dear N2Y Club  member,

the special thing with this club is your building a unique sharing network without much efforts.

You already have signed up for the PayBack profit sharing that was the most important step..

The easiest way to get people joining your individual network is by using QR codes.

You can create them in a simple way for free on in B/W  or in a colour version on .

However experience has shown that it is good to test with your smartphone how good it works before printing on you T-Shirt, sticking on your car door or using as your email signature... just as an example.

How fast your network is growing you can see in this this Blog entry a few days ago. . Care about the White flowers, YOU are already one of them.

With best regards

Eckhard Goessl


N2Y Club

Ps: Next time I show to you how to print QR code on Shirts 

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